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Notes for the Fixed Layout eBook workshop

Not using InDesign

Template for fixed layout ePub without using InDesign Use code editor to add XHTML pages and then add to manifest in content.opf

To make sure the first page with image always opens first use: epub:type="bodymatter" on the wrapper div


  • eCan crusher: http//:www/
  • ePub Checker:

Using InDesign

Starting a new eBook in landscape - choose for web

You need the page to be in the 8x6 proportion, so 1024px wide by 768px high is good for viewing on iPad.

When coming from print

Use spreads but make the page size in pixels rather than millimetres or points: You may need to resize the page size slightly. The result is a page width of 396 pixels and page height of 594 pixels. When we add 2 pages together the landscape becomes 792 x 594 = 8 x 6.