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Week 3

More on the cover

See this comprehensive explanation


  • Set up your workspace
  • use the template
  • Add colours to the swatches


  • Use the photoshop template to make sure that the images fit the space but don’t build the whole cover in Photoshop
  • Use photoshop to modify image(s) for the front cover
  • Always save as Photoshop to allow the use of layers
  • If your title has multiple words then split out to have control of the spacing and typefaces
    • Try different options- Choose typefaces for the main title
    • Consider adding other text such as a famous quote
  • If laying text over image make sure there is enough contrast for readability
    • You can use shadow
    • Try colour block under


  • Rotate text
    • Pay attention to the direction
    • Note: Some countries have opposite rotation
  • Space
  • Logo for publisher


  • Text from synopsis
  • Image(s)
  • Credit / Caption
  • Barcode - see website
    • Make sure enough contrast