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From Vscode to Web

Once you have created the repository from the template provided at

You may have already pasted in some changes to your home page and css.

Screen from Github

Now copy the repo link

Now clone the repository in Vscode


This may not look like this since a change has been made to vscode that allows you to edit the repository on GitHub remotely. I am looking into to this....

And paste the link into here

Save the complete offline version your repository somewhere.

Edit the site within the docs folder.... do NOT change the structure of these pages.

Providing your details

You will need to give your github username and email to vscode by using the terminal (can be within vscode or in the Terminal application)

git config --global "your username"
git config --global "email@address"

In Vscode

Any changes will be indicated as a number in the Source Control icon. Write a short commit message and then use Sync Changes

The live site will change But can take a while

For that reason best to work offline and check results locally first.

Want to work at home on this?

© You will need vscode. Free from here: Add the LiveServer extension, so you easily view your changes on the local computer. You will also need to add Git to your computer.

On a MAC use the Terminal application and write this:

Install git: xcode-select --install

On a Windows PC go here: and download and follow instructions.