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Week 6 Design and Technology

Am I ready to submit my magazine for assignment 1?

Check list

  • add page numbers through the parent pages but not on the cover
  • Download the Preflight profile from Moodle
  • Use this profile for checking
  • Make sure that:
    • All images are using the CMYK Colour space
    • Or greyscale if they are black and white
    • Images are in a minimum of 250dpi (can be more)
    • Images are not distorted (resolution will show as 2 numbers)
  • Check that there is no overset text
  • Make sure that you have a bleed of 3mm all round and that images that you want to bleed off the page are set out to that bleed line
  • Check that you do not have any text too near to the edge of the page
  • Make sure that you do not have any empty paragraphs; these will show as a pilchrow if you have hidden characters on

Create the package

  • Create a PDF preset
  • Choose File>Package
  • Use crop marks only and spreads
  • choose the PDF preset just made
  • Find the folder just made and compress this folder
  • Submit the zip file on Moodle