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Week 2

Get account On GitHub

  • create an account on GitHub with a username that will be part of your web site address
  • if your username (account owner) is goodpublisher then your web site url would be Lets continue to use this example
  • remember the email and password that you use
  • while logged in go to another browser tab and open this repository (template):
  • click the green button - use this template
  • a new repository will be created for you but you now need to name this repository
  • it is important that you name the repository with the URL that will work ie:
    • it must be named as above
  • The web site will actually be delivered from the docs folder

Home page needs the play synopsis or how about using openAI to generate a plot summary?

Now read this:

Using a Git Repository to host your Shakespeare Play Web Site

Getting GitHub up and running

Go to and create an account - your username is important because this becomes part of the web site URL - mine is chrisatbrookes

Once signed in to Github go here:

Go to this template

You will need to use these commands in the terminal window:

git config --global "your username" git config --global "email@address"

If you don't have GIT on your home Mac: Install git: xcode-select --install

If you don't have Git on your home PC: